In 1979, Louise and Floyd Moubray went to Busch Gardens in Williamsburg, Virginia with friends. One of the friends suggested that Louise go to one of the tents to see some dancing. It was the first time Louise saw someone clog. She couldn’t take her eyes off of them and she thought  “I’ve got to learn how to do this!”. The next day, Louise called all of her local newspapers in an attempt to find a clogging group in the Orange County area or to find out where she could take lessons. She heard about a clogging group in Fredericksburg, Virginia called the Good Time Cloggers. Louise called the director, Shirley Himes. Shirley told Louise that if Louise was able to get 30 people who were willing to learn, Good Time would send their instructor, Denise Wolf, to teach them. Floyd and Louise got 30 people and Denise began teaching the class at the Old High School on Belleview Avenue in Orange, Virginia and in 1980 the Orange Cloggers were born!

The Orange Cloggers performed in various places such as area nursing homes, street festivals, and pageants. They also performed at the Virginia State Fair in 1988. The Orange Cloggers began competing in the East Coast Clogging Championships held in Chesapeake, Virginia in 1986. They won 26 trophies in one year and finished their competitive streak in 1993 with a total of 84 trophies. The Orange Cloggers also won Grand Champion at the Upper East Coast Clogging Championship held in Clinton, Maryland in 1989. While not every trophy is large, they are all valuable and close to our heart such as the first place trophy for the Best Float in the 1985 Gordonsville Fireman Parade. Louise and Floyd spent many years with the Orange Cloggers finally retiring from the group in 1993 and passing the group to Donna Meadows. During their time with the group, Louise acted as director and Floyd was the Beginner Instructor. In fact, Floyd taught Betty Clayton, who later became a director of the group, when she was a beginner!

The Orange Cloggers were under the direction of Donna Meadows from 1993 until 1998 when she retired due to illness and passed the group on to, Betty Clayton. Under Betty’s direction, the group became recognized as a Non-Profit Organization through the State of Virginia and the Federal Government. Betty was also instrumental in creating a website (www.OrangeCloggers.com) for the group. Betty took a brief hiatus from the director seat in 2007. Frank Flincsh, a member of the group since 1989 and instructor filled in as director for that year. During that year, Frank and Betty, with the support of the Orange Clogger members and the Orange County Fair Board established the Orange County Clogging Competition at the Orange Country Fair. In 2008, Betty returned as director and was active in getting the group back into competitions. At end of 2008, Betty passed the director title to her brother Allen Snow and chose pursue other personal interests.

Recent Happenings...

Allen Snow has been clogging with the Orange Cloggers since 1982. Over the years, Allen’s talent has drawn a group of fans that follow his performances. Many changes were made since Allen took office. The group has found a new place to practice and new traditional uniforms have been adopted by the group. The group performed at more events in 2009 than in prior years. The Orange County Clogging competition was a huge success, spurring more interest from other clogging groups for the coming year.

In March of 2010, Kim Snow, Allen’s wife accepted the title of Director so that Allen could focus more on his real love, choreographing and instructing the members of the Orange Cloggers. Kim has established new officers and coordinators to help with the many needs and interests of the group. She, along with the other members has already begun the planning process for the upcoming 2010 Orange Clogging Competition. The group is looking forward to entertaining their audiences with new dance routines and has already been invited to many events in the current year.